The Central/Chapel campuses host multiple small groups throughout the week. For group meeting times and to find a group that will be the best match for you please request information at our services or contact

Community groups are the primary way that our church lives in Christian community. In a small group setting at Leave a Mark you can develop deep personal relationships with others. These relationships are centered around our common bond to learn about Jesus and share his love with others.

The community group ministry at Leave a Mark is growing to include a wide variety of groups including those for women, men, couples, college age, post college, recovery and new believers along with many other special interest groups. These groups often meet in the homes of our small group leaders or at the Vision Center at 4818 Parsons Avenue.

The goal of our community group ministry is to connect everyone in our church to a small group. To find the right small group for you – either browse the small group listing in The City, ask somebody at our guest central table or contact the small group ministry using the form below.

Community Group Leaders

Community groups are the primary way we live in Christian community and the small group leader is at the front line of this effort. Small group leadership is a vitally important ministry to our church and as a result, those in the role of small group leader need to share and represent the values of Leave a Mark.

The community group leadership requirements are drawn from the Leave a Mark values and biblical principles for those in a leadership role. In addition to the need to represent these values, small group leaders need to complete the leadership training that will prepare you to be part of our small group ministry.

For information on this leadership training or to get connected with a small group, email Sandy Soccorsi.