Do you sometimes feel that you have a hard time applying what you learn from the Bible to your daily life?  No doubt, some of scripture is more difficult to understand and apply than other sections of the Bible. If you like bottom line / practical teaching, you are going to really enjoy our new sermon series, “Faith to do Something”.

The book of James explores the age old concepts of Faith and Works. In doing so this section of scripture helps us “connect the dots” and really practically live out the faith that is in our hearts. As we move through this series, it will be convicting to see how good works without good motives don’t always have the intended result. In the same way, we will be convicted and reminded that an in-active faith is not really a faith at all.
No matter where you are in your walk with God, I can promise you that this sermon series will hit home and inspire you to the life change that you have been hoping for. Join us each weekend in June and July as we go on this journey together through the book of James……Faith…to DO something.

Please join us at any of our weekend services in June and July as we encourage each other to have the “Faith…to DO something”

Pastor Steve