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The Problem of Sin >

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The Rescue >

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The Land In Between >

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Bread From Heaven >

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Jethro’s Advice >

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Grapes, Giants and Grasshoppers >

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An Incredible Journey >

(LeaveAMark 6 Year Anniversary)


JOURNEY – A Leave a Mark original series.

The story begins in Exodus where we find God’s people in slavery for over 400 years and concludes with God’s people entering the ‘Promised Land’. It is a story of brokenness, pain, oppression, and a lingering sense of failure. It is a story of God’s patience, love, and grace for His people and His willingness to take the JOURNEY with them to the ‘land flowing with milk and honey’.

This is a story many of us associate with at Leave a Mark. For many of us, we have been set free by Jesus, and now we are on the JOURNEY with Him.

Please join us as we take this ‘Incredible Journey’ together.