Date Sermon Download Notes
9/6/2014 Part 1: Marked by LOVE download-link
9/14/2014 Part 2: Marked by COMPASSION download-link


Paul states in Galatians 6:17,”…I carry the marks of Jesus on my body.” Looking at Jesus’ life on earth we can see characteristics that marked a life that honored God the Father to the utmost. We want to carry out these marks of Jesus on us as a church body. Love, Service, Relationships, Kindness, Generosity, Discipleship, Worship, Prayer, Compassion, the Gospel, Family, Forgiveness, Friendship, the Bible. These are some of the things that we want to be marked by at LeaveAMark. Through this series, Pastor Steve will talk about what each mark has looked for Biblically and how we will be intentional about participating in these marks.

We do not want to be a community of believers that just sits around and does nothing to impact the world for Jesus. We see in the Bible the communal nature of God Himself (1 God in 3 Persons) and know that His desire for us is to be in community, with Him as the center of it all. This means that we strive to have great relationships with one another and build one another up into Christ. We must also recognize that there is a mission to be carried out and we cannot carry it out on our own. We need to prepare and plan together so that we can steward our resources to have the greatest impact. Join us not only for our services, but to become a part of our community as well!