We are honored with our calling at LeaveAMark Church to “Leave A Mark” (Make an impression) for Jesus on every person and situation that we encounter in life.

God has placed us in our families and given all of us a great ministry opportunity right where we are (in our families) that we don’t want to miss.

In our weekend services through the months of September (Starting September 12th) and October we will be unpacking the different aspects (Marks) of how we can have truly Great Families.

It is not that you have to have a “Perfect” family, because none of us do, and none of us will…..But, all of us can have Great families and all of us can speak words of life into our families in Great ways.

I’m excited about what God is going to teach me and us in this series…..Go ahead and make plans to be with us every weekend in September and October.  I look forward to sharing all of these learning and transformational opportunities with you.