Date Sermon Download Notes
6/1/2014 Part 1: Building for Our Future download-link
6/8/2014 Part 2: Rebuilding download-link
6/15/2014 Part 3: Take Action download-link
6/22/2014 Part 4: God is a Finisher download-link
6/29/2014 Part 5: Generosity download-link
7/6/2014 Part 6: Opposition – Paul Collins download-link
7/13/2014 Part 7: How will God use you? – Josh Combs download-link
7/20/2014 Part 8: We Need Jesus download-link
7/27/2014 Part 9: Finish Strong download-link

Nehemiah is the story of God’s people being used by the Lord to rebuild their city. It is a call to action for us now to join God’s work of rebuilding and reconciliation in our homes, communities, and cities. To bring forth the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying world around us.
Join us at LeaveAMark June and July as we go through the book of Nehemiah.