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Child Identification

  • Every child will wear a name badge.
  • Name tags will be clearly marked with any known food allergies.

Family Check-In System

  • Parents / Guardians will fill out the security tag for their child with a first and last name along with any special instructions.
  • Parents / Guardians will be given a security number in order to pick up their child from the classroom.

Notifications to Parents

  • If any issues arise during service time, we will use the security number located on the check in tag.  Your child’s number will be placed onto the main service screens.
  • For the privacy of your child, our nursery does not change diapers. If a child needs a diaper change, you will see your number along with a letter “D”.

In the event of a fire alarm going off, please meet the class in the safety zone (outside).  The children’s hallways will need to be clear in order to get out quickly and safely.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Joshua at joshua@leaveamark.org