Date Sermon Download Notes
3/2/2014 Part 1: “I Am” Series Introduction download-link Week-1.pdf
3/9/2014 Part 2: I AM the Bread of Life download-link Week-2.pdf
3/16/2014 Part 3: I AM the Light of the World download-link Week-3.pdf
3/23/2014 Part 4: I AM the Door download-link Week-4.pdf
3/30/2014 Part 5: I Am the Good Shepard (Baby Dedication) download-link Week-5.pdf
4/6/2014 Part 6: I Am The Way, The Truth & The Life download-link
4/13/2014 Part 7: I Am The Vine download-link Week-7.pdf
4/20/2014 Part 8: I Am the Resurrection (Easter) download-link Week-8.pdf
4/27/2014 Part 9: After Easter download-link

A casual reading of Jesus in the Gospels will not produce an understanding of the depth and weight behind Jesus’ “I AM” statements. John’s Gospel contains 7 of these statements. He states that He is The Bread of Life, The Light of the World, The Door, The Good Shepherd, The Resurrection and the Life, The Way, The Truth, and the Life, and finally The True Vine. This series is going to explore these statements and the richness of their meaning.

Though each statement has a different meaning concerning what He is saying He is, each time He said, “I am,” He was saying something special. We see in the reaction of those who heard Him say it. Specifically in John 8:58 we see a reaction of outrage from the religious leaders and it just begs us to ask, “What’s the big deal here?” Answering that question requires us to go back to Exodus 3:11-15 where God was speaking to Moses through the burning bush. Moses questions God in their conversation on why the Hebrews would listen to him. God answers Moses by telling him to tell the people, “I AM has sent me to you.”

God is stating here His eternal nature. He is saying that, “I am the One who is unborn and have always existed. I am Creator God, who set the heavens and earth in place and I oversee the activities of man. I am faithful to do everything I have promised.” God is also revealing Himself to Moses in a deep way. He is giving Moses a Name to call God by rather than just a title. In doing this He is showing that He desires to have a relationship with us.

Getting back to John 8, Jesus identifies Himself as this same “I AM”. Speaking to the religious leaders in verse 58, He says, “Before Abraham was, I am.” The religious leaders had been trying to justify themselves by holding onto their place as Jews in the line of Abraham. Jesus makes it known to them that He existed before Abraham and says I am equal with God who spoke to Moses through the burning bush. The religious leaders understood this plainly and were so outraged that they picked up stones to kill Him. However, Jesus slipped away through the crowd. For those living during the time, this was huge. They knew God had this name and would not dare say it themselves. So, for Jesus to come and not only say it, but tell them that He is the same God was unthinkable!

Our “Son of God: The I AM Series,” will dive into these statements of Jesus and explore the depth behind them. Please join us each Sunday and learn with us who Jesus is telling us He is and how He wants to change our lives. He wants to not just save us, but to be the Lord of our lives.