2023 Journal

We want to challenge you this year to dig deep into the Word of God.
This is so essential in your walk with Christ. Use this journal to walk through the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. Use this journal to record your prayer requests. Use this journal to remember the blessings that you experience throughout the year.
God’s Word is one of our Core Values here at LeaveAMark! We want you to grow a healthy habit of studying, meditating, and praying the Scriptures. Using this journal is a simple and practical way you can do that! We know that it will transform your life.
Embrace this opportunity to grow! Make THIS your daily plan to pursue growth in the area of studying your Bible. Let’s see what God can really do here at 4818 Parsons Ave. We are fighting for you and we are praying for you in this area.
Let’s do this together! Let’s truly set out to see Columbus as it is in Heaven!
-Pastor Steve Combs