Group Listings

Blankenship Group        (Sunday Evenings)

John & Lisa Blankenship

Women's Group               (Thursdays Lunch)

Sonja Cline
A women's group that meets for Bible study and lunch. Our focus is on intimacy with God and fellowship with one another.

Women's Group                   (Tuesday Evenings)

Billie White (Baker)
Holly Kruki
We are a women’s group that meets for Bible study and we occasionally plan activities outside of the Bible study. Our focus is to grow our relationship with god and each other. We support one another, pray for one another and do life together.

Circle of Sisters Women's Group    
 (Wednesday Evenings)

Magan Duncan
Joanna Marcum
We are a multigenerational women's group. We meet for bible study and do a monthly service project. In between studies we celebrate with a meal. We are a group that prays, supports, studies, and does life together.

York Group              (Monday Evenings)

Randall & Paula York
We are a mixed group - everyone is welcome. We review and dig deeper into the previous Sunday message.

Tuesday Morning Prayer Group
 (Tuesday Mornings)

Bob Baker
We are a mixed group - men and women of all ages are invited.  Our main topic of study is prayer and we chiefly look at the book of Psalms for ideas on prayer - using the acronym ACTS -adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication - as types of prayer.  We also use devotions related to prayer.   Come and join our friendly group - we try to end by 8 am so you can move on to where you need to be next.

Tuesday Evening Prayer Group
 (Tuesday Evenings)

Bob Baker
The group is open to everyone who wants to pray for our church, our families, our country, anyone sick/in the hospital, etc.  We usually have a list of items to pray for.  The emphasis is actually praying - we want to lift up all the activities that go on at LAMC and all the people who attend - even extended family/friends who may not attend LAMC.   Our goal is to be prayer warriors for the church.